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Originally, from NJ, and schooled in Maryland and West Virginia, I am a transplant here in North Carolina. I spent 17 years in Maryland working in the secondary school setting and had the privilege to work with some great colleagues over those years. For 13 of those years, I served as an executive officer for the Maryland Athletic Trainers' Association. I started as a region representative (a position no longer used), vice president, president and past-president. I oversaw committees, legislative affairs, and budgetary matters but most importantly actively participated in all aspects of the association.  I am a strong, confident athletic trainer and team leader with proven leadership experiences.  Since moving to North Carolina, I have been seeking more and more opportunities for involvement in the NCATA and this appears to be a great opportunity.

My desire to be secretary is born out of the lesson of service taught to me by my mentors. I have had a good many of them and each has said the same thing. There is no greater work than to serve the profession. Being relatively new to this state, but still wanting to get involved at intricate levels, I felt the secretary position would offer that opportunity.  I believe my prior experiences will allow me contribute to the success of the association.  The greatest contribution I can offer to aid in the success of the association is my willingness to work on behalf of it and its membership.

As to matters pressing of the NCATA and this profession we must recognize those matters are not exclusive of one another but run concurrently.  Credential and state practice act protection, creating positive traction in the expanding healthcare marketplace for athletic trainers, strong, cost effective continuing education programs and a viable mechanism for the development of future leaders are what I believe are among the most pressing matters we must continually address.  I would welcome the opportunity to serve the membership and help tackle these and other matters that affect all of us. 

Thank you for taking the time to review this statement.  Most importantly, though, I encourage you to vote.  Make sure your voice is heard.


Felicia M. Twiford, LAT, ATC

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After 4 years of being involved within the North Carolina Athletic Trainers' Association attending annual meetings, symposiums and community events I have witnessed how involved our members are. All members are committed to promoting our profession, not only in the workplace. Interacting with fellow athletic trainers across the state while serving on several state committees including Young Professionals, EAP Review, Public Relations and Secondary Schools has driven me to be interested in becoming a leader in our states association. Serving as secretary, I would look forward to being involved and keeping record of our productivity as an association working closely with our executive board members. From my experience and observation, it seems as if at times there is a disconnect from region to region or setting to setting including current events our athletic trainers may be a part of, success stories regarding patient interaction or any news we may recognize as being minor. We as athletic trainers constantly put others before ourselves and often do not obtain the recognition we should receive. Moving forward, I would like to propose several new ideas that will connect our members virtually and in person throughout the year in addition to our annual meeting. As an executive board member of the North Carolina Athletic Trainers' Association, I would be proud to represent our members and their achievements throughout the year.

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