Jim Bazluki

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Tell us about yourself: Jim Bazluki
A native North Carolinian, I have had the great opportunity to grow up and see the changes to our profession for over 30 years and how it has impacted every job setting. I have lived in both large and small communities across our great state. I have had the opportunity to work in many settings over the years from College and University, clinical, physician office, NFL internship, secondary schools and now in a clinical outreach setting. I also currently teach at UNCC as an adjunct faculty as well as serve as a clinical site preceptor for their ATEP program. I have served the NCATA in a variety of capacities over the past 20 years from committee work to elected office. From my many years of apprenticeship under many great NC athletic trainers, I believe it is now my time to step forward and run for the office of President of the NCATA. I am an athletic trainer who currently works in the trenches and knows first hand how every change in our profession impacts our colleagues as well as our patients. I hope I can garner your support and trust to make decisions for our profession that will lead us into the future.

Why do you want to be President of the NCATA?
I have had a great opportunity over my career to work with many great athletic trainers across our state in a variety of capacities. I believe this has helped shape me into the professional that I consider myself to be. Having served the NCATA in many different capacities, I believe that I have the knowledge and skills necessary to help lead this association forward. We have been making strong strides in developing partnerships and relationships with the power brokers in our state and we must continue to cultivate these relationships to solidify our position in healthcare.

How would you contribute to the success of the association and membership?
I believe that the NCATA has made great strides in developing and cultivating new relationships with a variety of other associations and influential people in our state and nationally. I have been a part in this process and hope to continue to develop these partnerships so that when the time comes, we can call on these partners to join us in advancing our place in healthcare and athlete safety. I believe we are at a unique time in our profession with the changes in the educational process as well as the national changes in healthcare. I hope to be an open mind as we make all these transitions and improve our profession for our members.

What do you think are the most pressing issues in the NCATA and the Profession?
I think one of the most pressing issues our profession faces it the general lack of respect and knowledge about our profession. This manifests itself in a variety of ways from the legislature trying to take away our licensure (not knowing the safety implications etc), proposed legislation which would gut existing safety legislation (not consulting the NCATA on best ways to improve athlete safety), 3rd party reimbursement issues (not being on a level playing field with other professions), and a host of general misconceptions we deal with on a daily basis from the general public.

How would you help address the aforementioned issue?
We must continue to work on the education and awareness of the power brokers as well as the general public on who we are, what we do and how our knowledge, skills and abilities enhance the health of our patients in all settings we work. I will continue to dedicate resources to this effort in conjunction with our public relations and governmental affairs committees to help address this area.

Bret Wood

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Tell us about yourself: Bret Wood
I am a certified and NC licensed athletic trainer that has practiced in the state since 1986. I have worked at UNC Charlotte for the entirety of my career in NC. I served as the head athletic trainer at UNC Charlotte from 1988 - 2000. In 2000, I left my position in athletics to become a faculty member and the clinical education coordinator, the position I currently hold at the institution. I have served the NCATA as the chair of the public relations committee, chair and at-large member of the professional development committee, district representative on the governing board, and interim vice-president of the association. I have served the NATA for the past 4 years as a preliminary program submission reviewer for the annual meeting. In 2016, I was inducted into the NCATA Hall of Fame.

Why do you want to be President of the NCATA?
I wish to serve as president of the NCATA to help advance the profession and the athletic training professional within the state. It is my desire to make NC a practice exemplar to be emulated by other states. I have felt the need to provide service to the NCATA throughout my career. It is my belief that service at the state level has the biggest impact on the profession. Since I have served on multiple committees, both as an at-large member and chair, as well as an executive board member, I feel I have the requisite experience to lead the association.

How would you contribute to the success of the association and membership?
I would contribute to the success of the association and the membership by establishing, with input from the board and the committee chairs, a yearly strategic plan with priorities and achievable goals. As president, I will plan and conduct regular meetings with the board and committees as well as with groups and individuals that have impact on the profession.

What do you think are the most pressing issues in the NCATA and the Profession?

I believe the most pressing issues are:

a) license protection

b) professional practice freedom

c) job availability (in all practice settings)

d) inter-professional relationship building

e) increasing public awareness of the profession

f) planning for changes in the profession and in the healthcare system

g) continuing development of the athletic training professional

How would you help address the aforementioned issue?
All of the aforementioned issues are best dealt with through strategic planning and coordinated implementation. This planning and implantation are best accomplished with input and effort by those in the association who are experts in each given area. It is my task to seek out those individuals and ask for their help. Fortunately, many of those individuals are currently serving the NCATA. There are others though who can greatly benefit the association but we must actively seek them out.


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